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Seattle Public Utilities

Peter de Lory Photographer in Residence Seattle Public Utilities

I feel that these photographs serve both as a mirror of, and a window into Seattle Public Utilities. As a mirror they reflect the various activities and work places, individual and team efforts that make up the Utilities. As a window, they chronicle the workings of a large city utility, serving as a behind-the-scenes viewpoint for the public

My overall concept was to involve myself with and photograph many aspects as possible of the newly formed SPU. The photographs from these experiences were edited and grouped into a narrative sequence taking the viewer through all the Utilities. I followed the flow of water from its source into our faucets, then documented Urban Creek Restoration, Salmon Recovery, and the many Community Services, such as Graffiti control. I also followed through large engineering projects like the creation of a new Water Line from the Tolt Reservoir,

Drainage and Waste Water maintenance repair, and tracked the collection and processing of recycled paper, glass, metal and yard waste. Finally followed the solid waste of Seattle from its curbside collection to containers that are shipped by rail to the Columbia Ridge Landfill in Oregon