Tipi Rings #1, Pryor Mt., Bad Pass Trail, MT, 2012

Tenuous Remnants

Every landscape holds a trace of past landscapes, memories of others passing or standing where we now stand. With consideration we see what is left, the subtle evidence of people of the past in whose footsteps we make our way.

The camera captures these tenuous remnants in the sparse western landscape: from sacred prayer sites that address the stars, to rock rings of tipi cover weights in the Pryor Mountains weathered 1000 to 2000 years during the comings and goings of ancestors to the Crow and Shoshone tribes, to more contemporary remnants of westward expansion - sites of farms where only the homestead landscape remains today, to tire marks that tell of others there perhaps just moments ago.

 “Every story begins inside a story that’s already begun by others.”

~Richard Blanco~