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Longfellow Creek Legacy Trails, Way Finding Enamel
Signs, 2004

Concept & Location:
The series of five way finding images in sign form are designed to create visual markers, leading path/creek walkers in and out of the natural creek bed, linking the hidden sections of this urban, and often underground creek. The weaving of images through the creek trail creates unity and visual memory of the creek environment. They invite and enable the walker to identify the contiguous creek and its course through its often urban path. The vertical image banners use bright yet natural colors combined with imagery from creek side flora.

The Art
In spring of 2004 I photographed the flora along the creek bed in early morning and late afternoon light. My dog named Flora accompanied on many of these walks. Using a white background card I isolated a broad variety of the creeks flora and often photographing the plants shadow separately. After make enlargements I scanned them and then combining the images and added the solid color background in PhotoShop. From these digital files I generated the graphic films for silk screening onto the enamels on to steel. The series consists of five black & white photo images of creek flora with vivid color backgrounds, baked on enamel steel signs. Each piece has a solid color background, a neutral gray and a tinted black (1 color, 2 half tones.) There are five different designs on 40 signs for a total of 80 sign faces approximately 17”wide X 27" high X 1/8" thick. The powder coated black posts are topped with cast steel ornaments, which were salvaged from a play field fence in the neighborhood.