A Pathway

This site-specific piece is entitled "A Pathway” it is located at the Hayes Freedom High School, Camus Washington The piece is a long visual narrative created from local elements. For students the school represents the beginning of their path through life, I want the piece to speak to the mystery and potential of that time. The bold graphic images are meant to be more lyrical and suggestive than instructive, to give the viewer (student or visitor) room to incorporate their personal experiences into the meaning of the work.

The images were made in the school, photographing things that make Hayes Freedom High School a special place: classes, hands working, gestures, movement, music, art, and other unique elements. Also included are images from the natural environment of the Camus area, the river, slough, Pot Holes, trails, trees; as well as local icons, the Liberty Theater, the Georgia Pacific plant, trails, and other recognizable features making up the fabric of the community. The piece is a long visual narrative of 19 - 36"X"36” black & white photographs on aluminum, located on the interior hallway on the south wall above the 56ft. long wooden bench.

This piece represents how the students are developing in their own individual way, where they came from and the possibilities in life that lie ahead for them.